Smith Sisters Bluegrass are an award winning… singing songwriting sister duo located in Orange County, CA.  Their ALL ORIGINAL, unique FAMILY FRIENDLY bluegrass style tells wonderful stories that everyone can relate to.  Their music is currently charting and being played on radio stations in 193 Countries across the world!

Smith Sisters Bluegrass formed in 2016 at the suggestion of their dad… an award winning singer and musician.  It was during one of their last visits, they heard a charming bluegrass band at a Farmers Market in Northern California.  Their dad turned to Kelli and said “you girls should really try bluegrass!” and so it began…

Having always loved bluegrass music the Smith Sisters knew their sound might not be “traditional” bluegrass… but… they couldn’t deny it any longer… they had to be a bluegrass group!

The Smith Sisters released an album… in their dad’s honor… in 2017 entitled “SHOE TREE” and to continue their dad’s legacy the girls decided to go “all in” and form their bluegrass band using their maiden name… Smith… thus Smith Sisters Bluegrass (SSB) was born!

Photograph below includes the Smith sisters dad and their inspiration “Fred Smith” who happened to record a track entitled “Mary Smith!”
Jones Boys Photo
Just one year later… in August of 2018 they released their 2nd EP entitled “MOMMA!”  and in June 2019 their third EP entitled “WITH LOVE…” was in the air and everywhere.

Since forming in 2016 SSB have appeared on the CBS morning television showGood Day Sacramento;” received two 2016 Academia Awards; 2017, 2018 and 2019 Josie Award nominations as well as ISSA and Global Peace Song Awards nominations.

This singing/songwriting duo perform in both Southern and Northern California with future plans to tour.

SSB have been featured guests on numerous radio stations and blogs including Lyons Radio Network, Zetland FM Country (UK), Blackdog Morning Show WAAK 94.7 FM, Word of Mom Radio and many more!  SSB has received airplay on world renowned radio stations including Pandora, iHeart Radio and BBC Radio!

In addition, SSB originals have charted on HotDisc UK. “ROAD TO ROSIE MCCANN” topping the chart at #6 and charting for 14 consecutive weeks on the Top 40 chart “ELVIS ON THE JUKEBOX NO ONE ELSE AROUND.”

This duo’s original, unique AND FAMILY FRIENDLY bluegrass style tells wonderful stories and can be heard on airwaves across the world!

For Bookings contact: smithsistersbluegrass@gmail.com

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Put 2 and 2 Together video from Smith Sisters Bluegrass