Smith Sisters Bluegrass set to release Father’s Day song AND music video releasepicture

ORANGE COUNTY, Ca.  – Just in time for Father’s Day, Smith Sisters Bluegrass has released a song and music video that will give hope and reassurance during these trying times to those who have lost a dad or other loved one.

The song “Face to Face,” written by Kelli Lewis of Smith Sisters Bluegrass, tells of how her beloved, late dad, Fred Smith, came to her in a dream, meeting her on a bridge, and telling her that he was proud of her accomplishments. He reassured her they would be together again someday “face to face.”

“I tingled from my head to my toes,” Lewis said. “I felt like icicles cracking all up and down my body.”

Lewis performs the song in the music video with sister Wendi Kilman, the other half of the duo. The two are women of strong faith.

The sisters’ decades-long music career was inspired by Smith, once a rising musical star of stage and screen, who left that career to provide a stable home life for his family.

Aside from holding great musical talent, Smith was the “best dad ever,” Kilman said.

“He was definitely Dad but also my best friend,” Kilman said. “He was forgiving when I disappointed him but always let me know when he was proud of me. He also taught me to be appreciative and grateful.”

The song and the music video take the viewer into Lewis’ dream with a heartwarming outdoor waltz number in an Orange County canyon with Smith played by one of his best friends, Bill Frost, 82, who lived near Smith in Cool, Ca.

“It’s an honor for me to be him,” Frost said. “Fred was just a sweetheart of a man. I considered him the best friend I ever had.”

Smith, 86, when he passed three years ago was witty, honest, kind to all he met and put a laser personal focus on those he loved.

Frost said he can’t hear the song without tearing up and there wasn’t a dry eye in the canyon as he waltzed with Smith’s daughters, Lewis in a shimmering copper-colored satin gown and Kilman in a long red dress.

“If you listen to the words it’s very heartwarming – it’s a great song,” Frost said. ” I listen to it with tears in my eyes.”

Frost said that when he’s with Smith’s children he feels he’s with Smith.

“He adored his children,” including a third daughter, Candi Yanez, and a brother, Jeff Smith who are not part of the singing group, but are their sister’s biggest fans.

The Smith Sisters say they rushed to get the song and video produced in time for Father’s Day because they want others to feel reassured, especially in these tough times when COVID-19 has taken so many.

“This is a Father’s Day gift for those who have lost their dad,” or any loved one, because, “It provides hope that they’ll be reunited one day.’’

Lewis and Smith are known for their heartwarming original songs, many of which focus on true family stories. Lewis sometimes feels the lyrics and music for her songs come out of nowhere and believes God may be that force.

God is always there for her and so was her dad.

“He was my biggest inspiration and he still inspires me,” Lewis said of dad. “He told us to never quit.”

In the music video, once Lewis and Kilman have a dance with their “dad,” he hugs them, walks away – fading into the distance – and then he tips his derby to them, as if to say, “We’ll meet again.”


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Kelli had the honor of meeting Quincy Jones and Siedah Garrett at the Los Angeles premiere of an Independent film they were all involved in called “One Little Finger.”

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