Smith Sisters Bluegrass have always given us sweet harmony and often sentimental songs. ‘Face To Face’ is a new offering from them giving waltz style ‘country comfort’ to anyone who has lost a family member. Its gentle styling, clean believable vocals, musicianship and delivery all add to a great song. – Brian Clough, CMA International Broadcaster of the Year 2009 – The American Connection Country Music Show (UK)

The Smith Sisters make music that tells beautiful stories that touch your heart with the tracks If You Love Me, Pennies On the Ground, I Could Quit You In A Minute, Face To Face, I Wanna Be A Star In Heaven, and By His Grace.  I was quite impressed with the vocals and harmonies on this album as well as their performance and how it was written and recorded.  If you are a bluegrass fan as I am, you will definitely want to add this album to your music library.  I am looking forward to hearing more from this amazing duo. – Oasis Entertainment

 “In a song like Face to Face  by the Smith Sisters, Father’s Day is illustrated in love with beautiful original lyrics, tight delivery, and the band’s classic styled Country Music musicianship. Their late Dad’s lingering love is united with them (Kelli & Wendi) through well crafted verses, harmony and sincerity within this recording. The lucid dream scenario in this song of seeing their father and holding his hand, gives us who are listening the assurance that they will all be together again in the next life. “Face to Face” by the Smith Sisters is a country song that could perhaps easily be licensed for an A-lister like Emmy Lou Harris or Dolly Parton.” Grade: A+ – Steve Cool Beans Pullara, GRAMMY® Recipient Producer, Twice Nominated and Multi-Award Winning Recording Artist & Producer 

“Gives us a new sound in bluegrass to listen to… thank you!”– Jerry Eicher, Ol’ Hippie Bluegrass Show

“Love Momma! Been dancing around the garden outside my studio on a glorious sunny afternoon in Scotland.” – The Music Machine Scotland, Mark Waters

The Smith Sisters have some of the sweetest voices you’ll ever hear. – Brent Fischer, Grammy®-winning Producer, Arranger (Michael Jackson, D’Angelo, Prince)

These ladies have put together a collection of songs that are true and dear to their hearts, songs full of real life stories and life lessons learned. Songs of love for their family and songs that will bring a smile to your face! Enjoy!”– Hulda Quebe (of “The Quebe Sisters”)